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This site presents some information concerning the Misselyn family and related : genealogy, directories, events, photo albums.
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information Pascale Jennequin ascendants Eve Misselyn descendants Constant De Coster descendants Constant De Coster

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What you can find here

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Word of thanks- Contributions

Eddy Smet who largely contributed to the family tree Verbrugge .
Suzy Misselyn who completed Maurice's work and recovered data concerning Karel Maes (1852-1940).
Maurice Misselyn (1919-2005) who did most of the work of the family trree Petrus (Pieter) Misselyn, born around 1690..
Jean de Fonvent for the descendants of Florence Misselyn and Auguste Dugardein.
Petrus Gerardus Mannekens (1868-?) for his search related to the family Mennekens-Mannekens.
André Misselyn for the family trees Pierre Misselyn (1896-1970) and Chrétien Mannekens.
André Misselyn for updating many persons and collecting information from many families.
René Misselyn (1873-1943) who started the branch tree of Charles Misselyn (1764-?).
T.Draguez de hault who made it possible to complete the descendants of Gustave-Louis Wolters .
Christine Misselyn-Clarisse for information concerning the family tree Louis Misselyn (1894-1954).
Sylvain Fr. Piqué who started the familiy tree of Lambert Wolters and François Cruyt.
Magaly Misselyn for the details related to the familiy tree Robert Misselyn.
Francis Misselyn for programming.

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